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I am an Iranian-Australian visual artist, based in Melbourne. My art is a journey into the realm of the abstract, where the tangible and intangible intersect in a dance of color, form, and emotion. In my work, I strive to capture the essence of the human experience through figurative abstraction, exploring the depths of our inner worlds and the interplay between reality and imagination. With each stroke of my brush, I aim to convey the complexity of human emotions and the ever-shifting landscapes of our minds. The figures that emerge in my pieces are not mere representations of the physical, but rather vessels for the expression of feelings, memories, and dreams. These figures are often obscured, fragmented, or transformed, inviting viewers to delve beneath the surface and contemplate the layers of meaning within my artistic process is deeply intuitive, guided by the rhythms of my inner thoughts and emotions. I draw inspiration from the beauty and chaos of the world around me, as well as the quiet moments of introspection. My work is a reflection of the constant dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious, a visual representation of the unspoken narratives that shape our lives. Through the interplay of vibrant hues, bold gestures, and subtle nuances, I invite viewers to embark on their own interpretive journey. Each piece is an open-ended conversation, a space where the boundaries of reality blur and where the imagination is free to roam. I believe that art has the power to transcend words, to bridge the gaps between individuals, and to evoke emotions that lie deep within us all. My hope is that my figurative abstract creations resonate with those who encounter them, sparking contemplation, connection, and a renewed sense of wonder about the multifaceted tapestry of the human soul.


Euphonic Swarm Of Voices /Brunswick Gallery - Melbourne 2023
Break Away
Abbotsford convent /Melbourne 2023
Chosen Treasure Exhbition / art to art gallery - Melbourne, Australia
Fiercely Feminine Exhbition / art to art gallery - Melbourne, Australia
The Other Art Fair/ Sydney
The Other Art Fair/ Melbourne
Woman_Life_Freedom / Ladder Art space - Melbourne, Australia
Woman_Life_Freedom / BlackCat Gallery - Melbourne, Australia
Bold / Art Lovers Australia Gallery - Melbourne, Australia
White Walls Big Arts / art to art gallery - Melbourne, Australia
Fluid Exhbition / art to art gallery - Melbourne, Australia
Unwrapped exhibition / Melbourne - Melbourne
( Collingwood), Australia
Fluid Exhbition / art to art gallery - Melbourne, Australia


My work often explores the complexities of human behaviour, In particular articulates the essence of Femininity. The main theme looks at the relationship between fragility and strength, vulnerability and empowerment, finding familiarity in the unfamiliar, and confronting our emotions. I use narrative and storytelling to examine the cultural and personal expressions The art I create seeks to provide movements and simulations in harmony and gentleness which I find to be representatives and reflections of my own personal life.


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​ ​​Bold Exhibition Digital Book (Art Lovers Australia Gallery)